Canada Day Celebrations at Thamesfield Village!

Diary posted

14th July 2017

On the 1st July 2017, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary of Confederation and the residents of Thamesfield Village celebrated by holding a special ‘Canada Day’ themed party.

With the help of friends, activity Co-Ordinator Alison Engleby organised the celebration, decorating the hall with authentic decorations such as Canadian flags and themed napkins. Residents also enjoyed traditional Canadian food, which included Nova Scotia Scallop Salad, Canadian Mushroom Soup, Bison and Salmon a la Bosc. And most popular on the menu, Maple Syrup Tart, served up with a lemon and maple syrup drink!

One of the residents in attendance and pictured below, Mrs. Diana Rose, is half Canadian and therefore it was even more of a reason to celebrate this momentous day.