A visit from the Home Secretary

Diary posted

28th March 2014

We were delighted to welcome the Rt Hon Theresa May MP to afternoon tea at Thamesfield recently. All of the residents were keen to hear about Theresa’s role as Home Secretary, her work, her travels and her shoes!

We all felt exhausted hearing about her incredible workload, so we soon moved on to what she does for fun, time permitting. We learned that she loves walking, especially in Switzerland and Wales. She also visits the gym regularly to keep her recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetes in check.

We then heard about life in Parliament and the social side of being Home Secretary, with tales of the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee celebrations leaving everyone enthralled.

She also spoke of a love of cooking, boasting an impressive collection of 100 cookery books in total in order to maintain a custom of trying one new recipe a week.

We all thoroughly enjoyed Theresa May’s company, with everyone agreeing what a brilliant lady she is. The time for her departure came far too quickly, although we did squeeze in a few photos before she left. See more by clicking on the photos below.