Park Place welcomes new manager

Diary posted

14th September 2016

Susan-Scarlett---Park-Place-managerPark Place has a new manager! Sue Scarlett is now responsible for all aspects of running our village, including maintaining the high standards of service expected from the residents and organising our staff.

Sue will also work alongside GPs, residents’ families and other external agencies to ensure our care facility, which specialises in palliative care, provides services that are second to none.

Sue has worked in the retirement sector for nearly 20 years, having managed a number of care homes for companies such as Barchester Healthcare and Optima Care.

“I was attracted to Park Place because of its active, thriving lifestyle,” comments Sue. “Residents here have their own social groups and we facilitate a range of activities to foster a strong sense of community spirit. Park Place’s team have been extremely welcoming and I am enjoying my new role very much.”

Sue is also an animal lover and encourages residents to adopt pets, which are warmly welcomed at Park Place. She has brought in a pair of budgies, affectionately named Jack and Daniel by the staff, which are now Park Place’s official mascots!