Meet the Mayford Grange Village Manager: Gill Voizey

Diary posted

28th November 2016

Gill Voizey Mayford Grange Village ManagerEach of Retirement Villages’ 16 UK communities has a Village Manager (VM) and Mayford Grange is no exception. Our VM is Gill Voizey, who has an extensive background in property management.

Of course all the residents at Mayford Grange know Gill well, but we thought it would be positive to introduce her on our section of the website.

If you are considering the retirement village lifestyle and wish to come and have a look round, then you will have some background information on Gill’s hands-on approach to her work and will be able to put a face to the name when you get here. We caught up with Gill and asked her a few questions.

What attracted you to Retirement Villages?
I liked the philosophy of the firm.

Did you start as village manager or work your way up internally?
I started as a Village Manager.

What skills or experience do you have that lends itself well to your role as village manager?
I was a property manager for 25 years. Having retired from my career in property management I have been very pleased to find a use for my skills in a position I enjoy.

Describe your role in a nutshell?
Managing the maintenance of the structure of the building and the administrative elements of the apartment village.

What do you enjoy about your role?
I have two very supportive colleagues and very friendly apartment residents.

What do find challenging?
Fitting everything I would like to do into my working hours.

How do you work with residents to ensure that issues of interest or concern to them are addressed?
My office door is always open and I encourage residents to come and talk to me. I also have monthly coffee mornings.

How do you work to ensure transparency and harmony between the residents and Retirement Villages’ senior management?
I ask lots of questions to try to make sure I can informatively answer residents’ queries.

Tell us about your staff and how they support you?
Both members of staff have been at the village almost since it opened so they are a font of knowledge.

What are the main benefits you feel residents gain from living within your community?
It is a very happy village

How do the residents help create a lively social scene within the village?
The Residents Association arranges lots of social events and clubs.

Which are your most popular events or activities?
Probably the social evenings and Sunday lunches in the restaurant.

What stands your village apart from the Retirement Villages’ bunch?
We are small enough for all residents to be acquainted with each other but big enough to for allow groups of friends.

Tell us a little about you personally
I work part time and spend lots of personal time with my grandchildren who are two and six. I also love cooking for friends and family.