Mr and Mrs Sutherland’s big day at Lime Tree Village

Diary posted

30th July 2015

25th June 2015 marked a very special day for Lime Tree Village, as two fellow residents became husband and wife.

Leslie and Shirley Sutherland had been living next door to each other at Lime Tree since March, 2009. Shirley was spending most of the year in Spain and therefore, the neighbours didn’t see much of each other. Until one summer night in 2013, when the two spent an evening together, sharing bottle of wine and a chatting

“After a while we realised how much we enjoyed each other’s company and this eventually led to us deciding to live together as partners,” remembers Shirley.

The following year the pair of them took a trip to Scotland, to introduce Shirley to Leslie’s homeland.

Having slowly progressed from their medical conditions the couple decided to take the next step. “In June 2015 we quite suddenly decided that we wanted to be together in a more formal way, so we decided to marry.”

And finally, on the 25th June their wish came true as friends gathered at Lime Tree Village to support the newlyweds and wish them all the best.