A special visit from some four-legged friends at Lime Tree Village

Diary posted

30th November 2017

guide dogs visiting lime tree village

Pat and Bob Tanner, residents at Lime Tree Village sponsored a Guide Dogs for the Blind coffee morning on Monday 27th November. This meant the village received a visit from four very special guests – Macbeth, a 14 week old black labrador puppy, Fudge, a 10 month old fox red golden retriever, Zaza, a 15 month old 3/4 golden retriever 1/4 labrador, and Slipper, a 5 year old black labrador.

Accompanying the dogs of course were their handlers who spoke about the charitable organisation and all of the valuable work they do, as well as informing us of how the dogs are bred, selected and trained.

It was interesting to see the various stages that a guide dog goes through from Macbeth, the youngest, to Slipper, a fully trained working dog. It was also astounding to learn that from birth to retirement, at about 10 years old, it costs £50,000 for each guide dog.

It proved an interesting and informative occasion, thank you to Pat and Bob and to the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.