Catching up with Village Manager, Patrick Johnson

Diary posted

28th November 2016

Patrick Johnson Lime Tree Village Manager

Patrick Johnson, our Village Manager (VM) has not long worked at Lime Tree Village but is already a well-established fixture around the community. We thought we’d ask him a few questions about how he is finding his new job in the village.

What attracted you to Retirement Villages?
The company is a well-established company with a good name in the sector.

Did you start as village manager or work your way up internally?
I started with Retirement Villages as a Village Manager.

What skills or experience do you have that lends itself well to your role as village manager?
I have an inbuilt ability to recognise someone’s needs plus lots of experience in the property management industry.

Describe your role in a nutshell?
I ensure the provision of high quality services and facilities for the residents of Lime Tree Village.

What do you enjoy about your role?
The different types of people I meet on a daily basis

What do find challenging?
Making sure we maintain our very high standards seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How do you work with residents to ensure that issues of interest or concern to them are addressed?
I have an ‘open door’ policy and welcome anyone to visit with me to air any comment they have. I also spend time at the daily coffee mornings and walk around Lime Tree Village to meet and chat with people.

How do you work to ensure transparency and harmony between the residents and Retirement Villages’ senior management?
I attend regular meetings with the Residents Association.

Tell us about your staff and how they support you?
They are very committed to the independent lifestyle at Lime Tree Village and helping our residents get the most out of it.

What are the main benefits you feel residents gain from living within your community?
Enjoying an active, stress free independent lifestyle in early retirement whilst having the safety net of care for later on in life.

How do the residents help create a lively social scene within the village?
Organising daily activities and making full use of our well stocked bar and restaurant.

Which are your most popular events or activities?
It is hard to choose just one but the outdoor activities in summer such as boules, croquet and putting leagues are very well attended and the daily coffee morning is always a great place to see most people. Our choir has over 20 fine vocalists and the bridge club is also popular.

What stands your village apart from the Retirement Villages’ bunch?
We have the most beautiful, well kept grounds. My staff are just the most friendly and helpful bunch you will ever meet.

Tell us a little about you personally?
I live near Melton Mowbray, have a partner that is in health management who is training to be a doctor, an afghan hound dog and a four month old baby girl who is keeping us both up at night time.