Elmbridge silver surfer spearheading new community intranet

Diary posted

17th February 2017

Derrick Myers Elmbridge Village

A silver surfer at Elmbridge is spearheading a new intranet for our residents, which will make it easy for them to share and obtain news, updates and information about everything in the village community.

Derrick Myers, 86, conceived the idea and when he approached senior managers at our head office they loved it. Derrick is now working with our website developers to bring the intranet to fruition.

“We have a regular newsletter at Elmbridge but this is a digital age and residents here keep getting iPads and other mobile devices for Christmas and on their birthdays,” said Derrick. “This is a great way to put these to good use and means people have all the information they need at their fingertips.”

Derrick plans to use the new intranet to list social events and activities, important phone numbers, local bus timetables, make a digital version of the village newsletter available to residents and serve up all Elmbridge’s comings and goings.

There will also be contact forms for those who live at Elmbridge to provide feedback on the intranet and make their own suggestions when it comes to the social calendar at the retirement village.

Our Village Manager Keith Henesey is delighted: “The perception held by some is that people in later life are complete technophobes but this is not true. We have a computer club here and Derrick runs sessions on how to use mobile devices, which are well attended. Most of the residents are online and use a variety of applications.”

Keith continued: “This is an active community and it I think it is fantastic that residents such as Derrick take the initiative, come up with ideas they are passionate about and then drive these forward by taking them to our head office. As a company we try to be as supportive as possible.”