Elmbridge residents and teens join forces for the fourth National Citizen Service’s visit!

Diary posted

28th August 2019

Elmbridge Village, Retirement Villages Group

The local National Citizen Service (NCS) joined together with Elmbridge Village, as part of their voluntary personal and social development programme. The experience proved to be socially beneficial for the teenagers and retirees alike.

Derrick Myers, resident at Elmbridge Village and one of the organisers for this social exercise, is determined to bridge the gap between the generations by engaging in activities and experiences together.

Commenting on the NCS visits, Derrick says:

“It works for both sides, I understand some of the NCS members do not have Grandparents and some residents here don’t have children or grandchildren. Just sitting and talking to each other is good therapy and an important part of any relationship. The teenagers and residents enjoy the times we spend together and come out of the experience with more understanding of each other and the lives ahead of us.”

The government-backed initiative has made it possible for both groups to form strong relationships while discussing an array of topics from environmental concerns to teenage cancer.

On their first visit to Elmbridge Village, the NCS group received a warm welcome from the retirement village and they began getting to know one another. Residents invited Guilford MP Anne Milton along too, to mark the special occasion.

Elmbridge Village, Retirement Villages GroupThe remaining two visits consisted of a choir performance from the 15-17-year-olds, accompanied by a resident-pianist from Elmbridge; and an event with drinks, cakes, a raffle and an array of games such as croquet, boules and table tennis.

Elmbridge Village residents and the local National Citizen Service group ended their final visit by collecting over £900 for Teenage Cancer Trust. The Waverley Borough Mayor, Mary Foryszewski, also dropped in for a visit!

Derrick Myers named this as the “most successful visit by teenagers to Elmbridge Village”.

This is the fifth year NCS has returned to Elmbridge and we suspect there will be a sixth in 2020!

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