Charters reports growing number of pet owners

Diary posted

20th June 2017

We are delighted to report an increasing number of pet owners moving into our community.

There are now seven dogs, one cats and even a parrot called George living at Charters Village.

George, a 23-year-old African Grey, belongs to resident Peggy Zive. Peggy is 88 and purchased a top floor one-bed apartment because it was ideal for her feathered friend.

She commented: “He is the love of my life. I chose this apartment because it’s open-plan. There’s lots of space for him if I let him out of his cage and it has big windows with lovely views he can enjoy.”

Peggy moved to Charters from Haywards Heath in 2014 to be near her daughter. However, she says she would never have come if she couldn’t have brought George, her trusty companion who is never short of a word or two…

“George is always talking,” she said. “He will say ‘chop chop’ if I am not being quick enough; tell me when he’s hungry and what he wants to eat; but he can be very naughty too. He also loves to dance and sing, he is very popular with the other residents.”

Charters is one of a growing number of retirement villages to welcome well-behaved pets.   

“Studies show that pets can be hugely beneficial to those in later life,” said Charters Village Manager Nigel Walter. “They relieve stress, reducing blood pressure and speeding up recovery after an illness, and can be extremely relaxing to walk, stroke or play with. This helps owners stay physically and mentally active, and enjoy a great social life too.”