Birthday celebrations, forests and festivities

Diary posted

11th February 2019

Peggys Birthday, Charters VillageBirthday Celebrations 

Charters residents celebrated a milestone birthday, villager Peggy turned 90! And many of the residents joined along with Peggy and her family in celebration. 

Burns Night

Villagers got in touch with their inner Scots and celebrated Burns night, organised by a local resident. The occasion was complete with haggis, toasts, speeches and a display of Scottish attire.

Piecing things together

Many of our residents have been enjoying an on-the-go jigsaw, in the Bistro, adding a few pieces in an idle moment.

Forest Transformation

Thanks to some dedicated villagers, the meadow and woodland has been transformed into a beautiful area to walk and explore again.  

Meals on wheels!

Charters Village understands that residents may want to order their delicious meals at the Bistro but at times it may be easier to have them delivered right to you! So, that’s exactly what’s available, upon request.  

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