Learning to Line Dance at Cedars Village, Chorleywood

Diary posted

11th October 2018

Residents of Cedars Village in Chorleywood have very recently taken up a new activity. Line dancing was introduced by Peter Jewell who moved in to the village about eighteen months ago.

There was hardly any space in the weekly programme of activities, which have always taken place in the ballroom/recreation room. However, none of those activities could be said to make the participants breathe faster, their hearts to follow suit or for their brains to have to remember a series of movements and tell their legs to carry them out. Peter believes that the phrase, ‘Use them or lose them’ applies to all the muscles including the one we call the brain. (He’s reintroducing table tennis for the same reason).

Line dancing, Cedars Village, Chorleywood


Fifteen or so folk have taken to the line dance discipline with real enthusiasm and, what is most important, are having great fun. No-one takes it too seriously and everyone sits down between dances to get their breath back. To date three dances have been mastered, more or less. The intricacies of ‘The Electric Slide’, ‘The Cowboy Hustle’ and ‘The Copperhead Road’ are working their way into muscle memories. These are three ‘Four Wall Dances’. Next will be ‘The Black Velvet’ which is a ‘One Wall Dance’.

Peter said: “It’s hardly ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ but then we don’t have a week of concentrated tuition to prepare for a few moments of performance. We dance, on and off, for best part of an hour. It could be said that Cedars’ Got Talent!”

Tracy Cox, assistant village manager said: “It’s really good for everyone to be able to get up and dance, and it doesn’t really feel like exercise. We’ve had a really good response from the residents who all enjoy learning new steps and having fun together. I’m really looking forward to seeing their progress over the coming weeks.”