Burns Supper

Diary posted

2nd February 2015

The Haggis was carried in on a silver platter and placed before the able Scots lady Edna Downes, who addressed it with grit and aplomb, following with a toast of mulled wine to the tasty beast.

Subsequently seated in the dining room with forty-six of the original fifty present, Beatrice Richardson, gave the Selkirk Grace. The meal of traditional Scottish fare with alternatives for those not wishing to embark on Cullen Skink or Haggis made for much chatter and enjoyment.

The Loyal toast, to the Queen, encouraged many to stand and was followed by a toast to The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns; one resident has prepared three pages of memories to the Bard.

Brenda Walker had provided pots of brightly coloured primulas, two to each table and those with a dot on the back of their chairs were invited to take them home. Towards the end of the meal Bill Walker gave a toast to the Lassies followed by a reply from his wife Aileen.

Auld Lang Syne completed the occasion and many stayed on to chat, always the sign of a good time.

Contribution from resident Brenda Walker.