We’re Ten!

Diary posted

12th July 2017

Blagdon turns ten

Yes, this year is the tenth anniversary of the opening of Blagdon Village! On the 14th March, the first resident Thelma Hobbs moved in and was shortly followed by Valerie Williams on the 17th April 2007.The Clubhouse facilities were formally opened on 23rd November 2007.  

We recently held our Summer Party on the 17th of June, not only to commemorate the first ten years of Blagdon Village but also in recognition of Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday.  We are very grateful to RV who very generously contributed towards the cost of this special event.

The afternoon began with a birthday toast to Her Majesty.  Fortunately the weather was good and a full programme of “games on the green” was available outside, together with a quiz. There was thus plenty to keep everyone occupied until the dining room was opened for the buffet tea.  This was followed by the cutting of the anniversary cake by Thelma Hobbs, assisted by Valerie Williams.  Another cake was accepted by the Village manager, Clair Crowther, on behalf of all the staff.

We are fortunate to have a very close and active community at Blagdon Village and so there was no shortage of volunteers to help with the preparations for the event, which included the running of it and the inevitable clean up afterwards.  The organisers are extremely grateful to all who contributed their time and effort, which resulted in a most enjoyable afternoon.  We think Her Majesty would have enjoyed it too!

June was an auspicious month because not only did we celebrate our 10th Birthday but we also had a talk by an outside speaker and a coach outing.  These were in addition to our regular programme of events. 


Resident Douglas Raven has for some time now arranged a number of interesting speakers to come and talk at Blagdon Village.  This month, we received a talk from a member of staff from our local hospital, Musgrove Park, one of the best NHS hospitals in the country.  The talk took us behind the scenes and showed why Musgrove Park deserves such a good reputation.

Coach Outing

A group of residents enjoyed another of the coach outings arranged by a team of resident ladies.  This time it was to the city of Bath.  On arrival, the party dispersed, some to go shopping in the big stores, some to visit the tourist attractions, and some to take the open topped bus tours and learn some of the history of this ancient city.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out.