Summer Arrives at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

19th June 2017

During May we had four one-off events on the social calendar in addition to the regular events – another jewellery show, a coach outing, an interesting talk by a resident, and a talk come coffee morning from RV Care.  

Jewellery Show:
We are fortunate to have living locally a craftswoman who makes a range of jewellery items. She has been coming to us regularly for a number of years to exhibit her wares. As always, there was much interest from residents, a number of who made purchases.

Coach Outing:
There was another of the ever-popular coach outings, this time to Sidmouth. The weather, although cloudy, was mild and relatively calm so everyone enjoyed themselves. These outings are always popular and the coach is always full.


Resident Alan Bennett, who has been confined to a wheelchair for a number of years, gave a very interesting illustrated talk about his visit to Australia entitled ‘Down Under in a Wheelchair’. 

Alan explained that throughout the trip the services and facilities were excellent and there was never any shortage of help when it was needed. There was generally a discount for entry to places of interest for wheelchair users with the added bonus that the carer, in this case Alan’s wife Pauline, entered free. 

Alan’s recommendation is that no one who has to spend a large part of his or her life in a wheelchair should feel deterred from a trip such as this.     

RV Care:
A representative of RV Care gave an insight into the facilities that could be provided, at a cost, to residents if they needed care in their own homes. It gave much food for thought.