Spring has sprung

Diary posted

3rd April 2014

At last it seems that Spring is finally here.  All around us the daffodils are out, with the trees also in blossom and showing their new leaf growth. Our maintenance staff are busy keeping our grounds smart, as always, and the warmer weather has already encouraged some of the residents to sit outside for the first time this year.

Routine activities continued as usual but in addition, there were two one-off events. The first was a Sweepstake for the Cheltenham Gold Cup for which the projector was set up to stream the TV broadcast live onto the big screen in the Function Room, in conjunction with a TV in the Garden Room for those residents who wished to watch the race in relative quiet. Several residents went away happy with a bit more money in their pockets!

The second event was a return visit, arranged by our Current Affairs Group, by a UKIP MEP to give us his slant on the EU and our membership. Needless to say there was a lively question and answer session afterwards.

Contribution from resident Michael Pettet