Spring celebrations at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

17th April 2018

In addition to two talks in March we held a Social Open Day designed to encourage residents to come up with ideas for new events and activities, and to try to stimulate more interest in existing ones. The month was rounded off with Easter Bonnets on Quiz Night.

The Talks

An outside speaker, Ian Williamson, who spends most of his time fundraising for charities, gave the first talk. He gave a very interesting and amusing illustrated talk about a fund raising walk he did in Peru. We have invited him to return in the near future with more of his adventures.   A very creditable sum of £70.70 was raised for St Margaret’s Hospice, a charity with a number of hospices in Somerset, including one here in Taunton. The second talk was given by resident Jim Wilson. His topic, illustrated with a large selection of photos, was “The Kingdom of Lundy” where he and his family had enjoyed several holidays. Much interest was shown by the large audience, many of whom may now intend to visit the island themselves.

Easter Bonnets

As Good Friday fell on the last Friday of the month, which is Quiz Night with the now traditional bought-in fish and chips, residents were invited to show off their millinery skills. There was a good showing and after a critical judging session the winner was declared as Joan Kent who received a bottle of wine. It was a very successful evening.

Social Open Day

Over the years a number of our regular activities have fallen by the wayside, either through waning interest or because the organisers have left us. The idea of a Social Open Day was proposed by resident Jim Wilson, a very active member of our Social Committee. He produced a very comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that showed all the activities and one-off events that we had lost, and ideas for new and revived ones. There were three very well attended sessions during the day. Residents were asked to indicate their interest in the proposed ideas and to suggest others that they would be interested in. There was an excellent response, as a result of which four activities will be starting, or restarting, very soon with others waiting for volunteers to be responsible for them. There will also be a reshaping of some of our “traditional” annual events. It was a well worthwhile venture.