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11th August 2016

Where would we be without the summer holidays?  We’ve had some superb weather to enjoy and there were two events of note over and above the routine activities, another themed night in the restaurant and a talk.

Themed night

The theme this time was a buffet curry and it proved to be very popular indeed with all tickets sold out.  The curry itself wasn’t too hot so nobody caught fire but it was enjoyed by all.  These themed evenings are generally popular and help to boost the restaurant revenue, and of course the bar profits.  Above all though, they serve to achieve the aim of getting people together in a friendly and social atmosphere.


There was a good attendance to listen to this talk, given by a police inspector from our local station.  He explained how the local force was attempting to meet targets with strained resources, which often meant there was not much evidence of “bobbies on the beat”.  A comprehensive questions session followed.