June at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

14th July 2016

What a momentous month June was for the country, and for us here at Blagdon Village.  We celebrated the Queen’s official birthday and we voted in the referendum.  Before those events there was a coach trip and two speakers on the EU.

Coach trip

In April four of our ladies got together to organise a coach trip, with Sidmouth as the destination.  It proved to be a very popular event, the coach being nearly full.  Such was the success that it was decided to organise another in June, this time to Torquay.  Again, this was highly successful.  There will be another in September, when the holiday crowds have dispersed, and hopefully more to follow.

EU talks

In order to assist residents to make up their minds before the referendum, if they hadn’t already done so, two speakers, one from each side of the EU debate, were invited to come and put the facts to us from their points of view.  Very sensibly the talks were scheduled on different dates in order to avoid them becoming arguments between the two speakers!

A right royal do

It was a foregone conclusion that we would celebrate the Queen’s official 90th birthday with a party.  So, the bunting bedecked gazebos were put up, the flag was flown, and there was a wide selection of food for the buffet tea.  There were games available outdoors for those who felt like exerting themselves and puzzles indoors for those who wished to exercise their grey matter.

Marion Price baked a superb cake for the occasion that was appropriately cut by Doris Barton, who was also celebrating her 90th birthday.  To round off the afternoon we were treated to an entirely unexpected low-level fly past by the Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, right over the Village.  The ex-RAF members of our community rightly disclaimed all responsibility.