October at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

21st November 2019

Blagdon Retirement Village In Somerset

Our routine activities were in full swing again! We were entertained with a talk, we had a Saturday evening singalong, there was another of the now regular ‘Musical Memories’ afternoons, and there was a major change to the provision of food at the monthly quiz night.  The end of the month was, of course, Halloween.


Resident John White gave a very interesting talk on the history of Taunton, telling of things that even some of the residents who had lived here all their lives didn’t know about.


We are very fortunate in having an accomplished pianist in the Village, Kath Bentham, who also runs the twice monthly ‘Singing Together’ group.  Her talents were made use of during one Saturday evening when she played a selection of well-known tunes for us to singalong to.  We hope that this will become a regular monthly feature.

Musical Memories

Resident David Paine presented another selection of his music with the title, ‘The Trumpet Shall Sound’, featuring brass instruments in modern and not so modern compositions.

Quiz Night

For the last two years fish and chips have been bought in on each quiz night but it was agreed that, as a trial, our own cook would produce them instead, with an alternative available.  This proved to be a highly successful undertaking that will now become the norm.  It was significant that the majority of participants opted for the traditional fish and chips.


Generally, in past years Halloween has been incorporated in the October quiz night, but this year it was held as an independent event on the appropriate evening.  Everyone who attended brought some form of ‘buffet food’ as a ‘Bring and Share’ and nearly everyone dressed up in typical spooky fashion, as the photo shows.  It was a hugely successful event amplified with a Halloween themed quiz.

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