August at Blagdon Village

Diary posted

13th September 2017

Despite it being the holiday season, we have still had a lively and interesting month.  The highlight has to be a party thrown for all of Blagdon’s residents by Norman Crane to celebrate his birthday.  We also had two very interesting talks.

MRI Scanner Talk

Resident Dudley Price is a trustee of our local health trust.  He gave a very interesting illustrated talk about how an MRI scanner works and how it formed part of a suite of devices that are used in fighting illness and injury.  He also explained that Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton was in need of another MRI scanner to meet demand and had launched an appeal to raise £1 million.  With characteristic generosity the residents present donated a healthy sum towards this.

Exmoor Search and Rescue Talk

An informative talk was given by members of Exmoor Search and Rescue, an organisation composed of volunteers and funded entirely by donations.  We were surprised to learn that the team is often deployed to other parts of the country to give assistance, e.g. the Cumbria floods, and that most of their operations are not at Exmoor.  They brought with them a full range of the equipment they use, including their Command and Control van which was fully equipped with all forms of communications, satnav etc.  It was a most interesting afternoon and once again the residents made a generous donation.    

Norman’s Birthday Bash

Blagdon resident Norman Crane recently celebrated his 85th birthday and to celebrate, threw a party to which all residents were invited – and what a party it was.  The bar was free and nibbles were available but the best part was live music provided by a couple on a keyboard and saxophone.  We were all taken back to our younger days with Rock and Roll, the Twist and other similarly lively music.  The village has never seen anything like it before with most residents making a valiant effort on the floor.  It was hard to believe that some of us are in our 70s and 80s!  It was a superb evening and we are all grateful to Norman for inviting us to share his birthday.