Retirees raise over £300 for Comic Relief and enjoy National Gardening Week!

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16th May 2019

Avonpark Retirement Village In Wiltshire

Avonpark residents have been keeping busy as ever and coming away from their retirement properties to immerse themselves into village life! Here’s what they’ve been up to…

National Gardening Week

Retirees at Avonpark had a fabulous time celebrating National Gardening Week. This year’s theme was Edible Britain, where gardeners up and down the country can share their love of home-grown produce.

Avonpark Village, Retirement Villages

If you pop down to the village’s allotments, you’re always bound to see plenty of happy residents digging away to add some homegrown foods to their dinner plates!

Nicky Potter, assistant village manager, said: “We have a number of keen gardeners here, who make fabulous use of the allotments, all of which are taken.

“Having chatted with them, I know they have started their potatoes, beans, carrots, parsnips and spinach in the hope April will stay warm. Meanwhile leeks, sprouts and rhubarb are already on the dinner table – which is great.

“Hopefully there will be enough rain over the next few weeks for these plantings to grow on to full and healthy crops.

“The only snag so far spotted is that the small birds who normally take their fill from the seed and nuts hung outside quite a few of the apartments and allotments, are already enjoying the bugs and ants on the shrubs!”

Nicky added: “All concerned are keeping their fingers crossed for a healthy and productive year once again.”

Red Nose Day

Generosity was spread far and wide for this year’s Red Nose Day. Retirees, staff and their respective family members enjoyed a glorious coffee morning with a scrumptious selection of cakes including cupcakes, Victoria Sponge and a vanilla sponge cake.

Filled with energy from the morning’s treats, residents played a variety of games including dominoes, skittles, hoopla and hook a duck!

The event raised a total of £382.92 for Comic Relief.

Easter Supper

Retirees were firmly in the Easter spirit and they celebrated with food, glorious food! The starter consisted of a selection of tasty canapes, the main was a lamb rump steak and the final course was nicely finished off with a warm chocolate brownie and a side of ice cream.

We look forward to seeing what residents get up to next at Avonpark, in the meantime for everything Avonpark related just click here.