Surrey retirement village welcomes new manager

News posted

25th January 2012

Gillian Hudson wasn’t looking for a new job but when she visited Mayford Grange ‘it just felt right for me’.

She is now firmly installed as the new Village Manager and looking forward to the challenges to come, including the opening of the Village’s nine-bed boutique nursing home The Grange. 

Gillian brings with her a host of experience including 17 years in the care sector, six years in banking and a degree in media and communication.

“This role gives me the opportunity to utilise so many of my skills,” said Gillian. “As soon as I started here, it felt like home. 

Mayford Grange is a 42 bed retirement village, on the fringes of Mayford, near Woking. The Grange is set to open in the coming weeks.

“It’s been wonderful meeting all the residents and starting to get to know them,” said Gillian. “We have a common aim to create an exquisite environment at Mayford Grange where residents can contribute to the quality of life and it becomes the only place they want to be.

“Even though I was happy in my previous job, moving here feels like one of the best decisions I’ve made in years,” said Gillian.

 And she’s been welcomed by the management of Retirement Villages, the company which owns Mayford Grange.

Paul Walsh is the Managing Director of the Care and Operations Division. He said: “Gillian’s enthusiasm for Mayford Grange shone through from the first time we met her. We are delighted she has joined us and look forward to seeing what she will bring both to Mayford Grange as a community and to Retirement Villages as a business.”