Retirement village residents join Big Garden Bird Watch

News posted

23rd January 2012

Members of the newly-formed Roseland Parc Wildlife Group will be training their binoculars on the landscaped gardens surrounding their homes as part of the national Big Garden Bird Watch.


With all members aged over 55 and with some having reached octogenarian status, the group is proof that you’re never too old to take up a new hobby. Encouraged by wildlife educator Elaine Drury, the group has been finding out more about the flora and fauna native to the area around the retirement village in Tregony, near Truro, where they live.

They are set to put their new found knowledge to use by taking part in the annual Big Garden Bird Watch organised by the RSPB. Groups and individuals across the country are encouraged to note the feathered visitors to their garden during one hour on the weekend of January 29 and 30. The results are collated into the UK’s biggest ‘bird census’.

Elaine said: “Roseland Parc is in a beautiful setting amongst woodland which is the perfect place to see wildlife. Some of the residents were already incredibly knowledgeable and we’re all enjoying sharing what we know with each other. Many of the residents have bird feeders on their patios or balconies so we shall be expecting to spot a good variety of birds.”

Members of the group are rounding up friends and neighbours from the village to join in the fun. They will be using information provided by the RSPB to help identify any unusual birds.

“Being involved with nature can bring real health benefits – helping to stimulate the mind and encouraging interaction with others,” said Elaine. “I’m hoping taking part in the bird watch will give us other activity ideas for the future.”