Our Royal survey said…

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15th June 2012

While there was overwhelming support for the Monarchy in the latest Retirement Villages’ e-newsletter survey, there was no clear winner in the question over who the favourite member of the royal family is.

The Queen’s popularity was matched by that of her grandson and future heir to the throne, Prince William. Both secured just over a third of the votes. The remainder were split equally between his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Anne, recognised as one of the hardest working royals.

The role of the British Monarchy, as viewed by our respondents, is well defined. Three quarters believed their main purpose is to be a figurehead for the British people while a quarter saw their value in attracting foreign tourism.

While media coverage showed people across the Commonwealth celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, 75 per cent of those who answered our survey agreed with the statement ‘The Monarchy doesn’t command the same worldwide respect as it did 60 years ago’. Just over a third believed the Monarchy to be less relevant now than when the Queen came to the throne while 12 per cent held the opposing view.

Slightly less than four out of 10 attributed the continuance of the Monarchy to the Queen’s hard work but 37 per cent felt the Royals have become too much about ‘celebrity’.