Our Olympics survey said…

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16th July 2012

The London Olympics starts this month. But is it a lot of media hype or are we, as a nation, backing the international sporting Games? The responses to our e-newsletter survey suggest there is overwhelming support for the competition.
Half of those who responded agreed with the statement ‘I can’t wait and will be following as many events as I can’. Another quarter believed ‘it’s an ideal way to showcase the country’ while the remainder pledged to watch at least the particular events they are interested in.
Not surprisingly, top of the ‘must see’ events was the athletics with swimming and diving also set to be well supported among readers. The opening and closing ceremonies don’t look set to attract as much attention – maybe the talk of manufactured rain clouds in the middle of the wettest summer for years is putting people off!
The Olympic torch has certainly fired imaginations: three quarters of respondents turned out – or were planning to turn out – to watch the torch relay as it passed through their area. 
And there was a real conviction that the Olympics is an inspiration for future generations of sports men and women. 75% of those who answered believed ‘it gives youngsters something to aspire to’ while a quarter agreed the Games prove ‘a wonderful way to unite the world under one banner’.