How to remain ‘Social at a Distance’

News posted

20th March 2020

Retirement Villages Group

In such uncertain times, we are all finding our everyday routines disrupted. The focus on practicing good hygiene intensifies, as does the need for social distancing.

Our wonderful NHS workers, as well as those in the health and social sector, are working harder than ever to treat those individuals whose health has been compromised as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

By remembering to refrain from physical contact, keep our hands and heavy traffic surfaces clean and keep a safe distance from one another, we can all support the healthcare system by contributing to the prevention of this virus spreading further.

We’ve adjusted our amenities to ensure we can continue to support our residents.

Our onsite restaurants will be delivering home-cooked meals, making sure residents have access to fresh and nutritious food, while the dedicated village management team are making daily calls to ensure the community’s wellbeing is safeguarded.

Each village has invested in technology such as tablets and iPads enabling residents to stay in touch with friends and family through Facetime and assisting them by setting up online grocery shopping.

We are constantly looking at ways we can encourage connectedness through technology, as well as favourite pastimes such as baking, painting, knitting and a good puzzle, or even creating a favourite play list, they can all be enjoyed during this time. These activities can do wonders for our mental wellbeing, instilling a feeling of calm. There is also something particularly indulgent about sitting back for an afternoon and getting immersed in a favourite book or television series.

And how could we forget, it’s the time of year that calls for a spring clean! While we are staying safe indoors, waiting for the storm to pass and the weather to improve day by day, many of us may want to partake in the annual traditional of decluttering and sprucing up our homes.

Of course, social distancing doesn’t mean that we are confined to staying indoors, stepping outside while still adhering to the guidelines set out below, will keep residents safe.

The benefits of fresh air and gentle exercise for the mind, body and soul are far-reaching. Residents in our communities are still able to enjoy a coffee from their gardens, spend time planting spring bulbs or meander through the manicured grounds and landscaped gardens, watching Spring unfold, and with it, the vibrant colours and sound of birdsong.

With our villages playing host to features such as ornamental ponds, sunken gardens and ancient woodland, there is space for residents to practice social distancing while benefiting from the great outdoors.

While the nation pulls together to care for, and support each other, we’re doing the same by ensuring a holistic wellness and connected approach for our residents.