Gradwell Park investment will bring new jobs

News posted

4th October 2019

Gradwell Development

Work is underway at our newest retirement village, Gradwell Park, which promises to inject both money and jobs into the local area.

The £25m project is under construction in South Chailey. Once complete, the village, for people aged 65 and over, will provide a community in its own right.

There are 57 apartments and just eight cottages being built, as well as a central clubhouse and allotments.  Gradwell Development

“Residents moving into the village will be using and supporting the wider amenities in the area. We anticipate it having a major boost on the local economy in South Chailey and nearby villages and towns such as Lewes and Haywards Heath,” explained Chris Buck, regional sales manager.

The village will bring 20 new jobs to the area with positions ranging from village manager to admin roles, restaurant and catering, maintenance and gardening, laundry, domestic, emergency response, as well as a gym manager. 

The village is due to open in Autumn 2020 but a number of jobs will start to be advertised in the new year.

“Having spoken to many people locally we recognise the need for this type of purpose built facility and really hope it will benefit a lot of people in terms of a property to downsize to and make new friends; as a job prospect and also as a welcome boost for the local economy,” added Chris.

Find out more about Gradwell Park here