Fourth retirement property move for Joy at Lime Tree Village

News posted

15th December 2015

Lime Tree Village resident Joy Lennard is about to embark on a remarkable move – to her fourth retirement property in Rugby.

The great grandmother and former local businesswoman is waiting for her new home, a two bedroom cottage in Lime Tree’s new Polo Field development, to be completed before making move number four within the Rugby retirement village.

“I keep fancying a change,” explained Joy, now in her 90s. “I’ve had two cottages and now an apartment and in February I’ll be moving into one of the new cottages in the new village extension.”

Joy and her late husband Gordon established their swimming and leisure equipment business JP Lennard in Rugby in the 1960s and it has gone from strength to strength. After Gordon’s sudden death, Joy went on to run the business herself before her two sons David and Nigel joined, helping to make it the multi-million-pound success it is today.

Based at Swift Point in Rugby, JP Lennard  is probably most renowned for its famous racing lines which it supplies to pools up and down the UK including the Olympic pool used in London 2012.

The company history and Joy’s part in it, are now committed to print with the recent publishing of the book “Living the Dream”.

Joy has retired from the business now and enjoys a more sedate life within Lime Tree Village but still finds plenty of time for clothes shopping trips and property searching.

“I think I’ve got a bit of a reputation in the village for always being on the move,” added Joy. “But after an apartment overlooking the croquet lawn, I now fancy a cottage with my own patio to step out onto. You’re never too old to move home and being happy and enjoying life is what it’s all about!”

Lime Tree Village manager Malvenia Richmond said: “Joy’s fourth move within the village will be a first for us, we have had people move from one property to another but never four times. Joy’s philosophy of life is for living is a brilliant way to be.”