A son’s perspective – George Smith shares his family’s story

News posted

14th May 2014

Peter and Rosemary Smith moved to Charters village in West Sussex in early 2014. Their youngest son, George, lives an hour away from his parents in Chelmsford. A wine wholesaler in the family business, Mr Smith junior talks through his own experience of the potential dilemmas facing children when their parents’ situation changes in later life.

Mr Smith said:

“Mum and dad have always been their own people but over the last two or three years this situation has changed as dad’s health has started to deteriorate. Mum has had to start to make more and more of the decisions and take the lead. In addition to this, the family home was starting to become too much for her.

“As children, we never wanted to push our parents into doing anything they didn’t want to; it had to be their decision. Fortunately, mum discovered Charters Village at exactly the right time in her life.

“We don’t know what lies ahead for dad but this lifestyle gives mum the confidence to know dad is safe while she can still get a great social life and continue to expand her own horizons.

“There aren’t that many villages of this type available. The alternative is a bungalow or an apartment with no assistance or care support on hand when needed. 

“Myself and another sister live in the UK and our two other sisters live in Australia. It is a relief for us all to know mum and dad are living in a village which is set up to meet both of their needs, now and going forward.”

Mr Smith’s parents chose Charters Village for a number of reasons. Read their own personal story here.