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Discover more about the lifestyle enjoyed by our residents in our A-Z guide to retirement living with Retirement Villages

As one of the pioneers of the private retirement living concept, Retirement Villages Group Ltd has 35-plus years of experience and 16 luxury villages set in some of the UK’s most sought-after locations.

Why consider a retirement village?

A retirement village brings together a community of like-minded people, who all enjoy an independent lifestyle, private residences and luxury communal facilities.

More people across the UK are considering this lifestyle with a view to being closer to family, downsizing, and spending their retirement years enjoying and exploring the activities they enjoy most.

If you would like to learn more about the Retirement Villages model, and the possibilities that it offers, we have created a comprehensive A-Z guide.

Full of relevant information about the lifestyle and some of the key facts you will have questions about, our guide has been designed to provide you with a useful starter to understanding retirement villages as a whole.

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