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How to stay safe on the internet

25th January 2019 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

Derrick Myers

I have been using computers for over 40 years and I have, as many computer users have, been subjected to a few challenges from people wanting to gain access to my computer. In this my second ‘Blog’ I would like to give you…

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Moving into a retirement village

5th December 2018 - By Mike Pettet Resident Blogger

Mike Pettet

For my first blog I will set the scene and explain why we moved into a retirement village. Picture a coastal village in Devon set in a valley, or combe, running down to the sea.  A chalet bungalow 400 yards up from the beach and…

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The importance of good communication

5th December 2018 - By Derrick Myers Resident Blogger

Derrick Myers

Retired and living in a village with three hundred other retirees was not something my wife and I had planned to do. In our sixty years of married life, (we were married in Berwick upon Tweed) we have moved on six times, living…

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