Esther Rantzen’s Silver Line support is to be applauded

1st October 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Congratulations to Esther Rantzen for inspiring and supporting an invaluable initiative for the older generation.   Everyone has heard of Childline; now everyone’s favourite campaigner has put her weight behind Silver Line, a phone service for older people who feel lonely and want…

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Over age drinking in a retirement village

14th September 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Did you catch Panorama this week? Headlined ‘Old, Drunk and Disorderly?’ it tackled the issue of alcohol abuse among the older generation and made excellent viewing.   Joan Bakewell, the government’s former voice for older people, was Panorama’s roving reporter and gave the…

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Hats off to our older workforce!

3rd September 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Two out of three older employees want to keep working up to or past their pensionable age, says a study by independent think tank, the Resolution Foundation.   The think tank argues that there has never been a better time or a…

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You’re never too old to play ping pong!

7th August 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

In the Olympic month it’s only fitting we should pick up on this sports theme. Have you heard about a brand new film that tracks eight pensioners from across the world as they compete in the World Table Tennis Championships? The film is…

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Retirement Villages on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine

17th May 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

I very much enjoyed my encounter with Radio 2’s lunchtime presenter Jeremy Vine on Thursday. I was invited onto his programme to discuss the retirement village concept in light of new research which suggests residents of such communities live longer and healthier. Jeremy…

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How retirement villages relate to Melanie Reid’s Times’ column

11th April 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

Thank you to Melanie Reid, one of The Times’ most capable and respected journalists. Her article at the weekend entitled “Growing old never used to worry me but my accident has changed all that” unbeknowingly captures the spirit of our own retirement villages….

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Government scheme welcomed

19th March 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

The Government’s NewBuy Guarantee feels like a positive step forward, even for developers like us who sit near the top of housing chains. The initiative is aimed at people wanting to buy a new build home who are unable to fund a deposit…

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We get happier with age says American study

1st February 2012 - By Sarah Burgess

This may be an American study but I’ve highlighted it here because I think it rings true in the UK too – well, at least in the many instances I’ve experienced firsthand. The study suggests that the older people get, the more likely…

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Residents to rate their own care home services

21st December 2011 - By Sarah Burgess

The idea of people rating their care home publicly is one I would support. It’s an initiative that forms part of a Government White Paper on social care and is likely to be published in the spring. Only an idea at this stage…

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