Retirement living does not mean negative living

17th June 2014 - By Laura McGill

Why does society automatically associate old age with deterioration? Apart from some of the obvious physical aspects which may naturally decline due to wear and tear, there is plenty that is actually on the up! I wanted to share this BBC article with…

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Times’ columnist flies the flag for retirement living

10th May 2014 - By Laura McGill

Are you a Times reader? If so, did you see Saturday’s edition, and more precisely, Janice Turner’s column on page 23? 

If not, here is the start of the article, the rest sits behind the Times’ paywall unfortunately:

I really wanted to draw…

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Retirement property needs start to grab the headlines

8th April 2014 - By Laura McGill

At last we are starting to see some exposure in the media for retirement property provision and the growing need for more focus to be given to private retirement property as well as Government-funded schemes. We are all aware that the amount of…

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A call for more retirement homes in rural locations

19th March 2014 - By Laura McGill

“More villages in rural areas, or closer to the seaside, and some larger properties too, if possible. ”

This was part of the survey feedback from subscribers to one of our recent 
e-newsletters. We asked if purpose-built retirement properties provide value for money and…

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Chancellor misses a trick in his Autumn Statement

9th December 2013 - By Laura McGill

Retirement Villages’ trade body, ARCO, the Associated Retirement Community Operators, says the Chancellor missed a trick in his Autumn Statement when it came to provision of UK retirement property.

 Responding to Chancellor George Osborne’s statement, ARCO’s executive director Michael Voges, said: “We are…

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The ‘grey’ voice is getting heard – at last

28th November 2013 - By Laura McGill

Is the ‘grey’ voice growing or is it just me? Has the UK woken up to the fact at long last that the population of the British Isles is becoming more top heavy by the day and it can’t be ignored? Cynics may…

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The UK should be ashamed of chronically lonely headlines

21st October 2013 - By Laura McGill

It makes me extremely sad to read the BBC’s report on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s speech about loneliness in Britain. The fact that five million people say the TV is their main form of company is an upsetting state of affairs. The fact 800,000…

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Bungalows are not the complete answer to retirement property

30th September 2013 - By Laura McGill

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has called upon local authorities to build more bungalows to stem the need for more elderly housing in the years ahead. His words have hit the headlines because half of all new households created in the coming years will…

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