Prioritise retirement housing by giving people the breadth of choice

31st October 2016 - By James Puckering

A report by law firm Pinsent Mason recently acknowledged the huge growth in the retirement housing sector, stating that according to research carried out by the firm planning applications for new retirement developments have increased by 162 per cent in the last five…

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The rise of silver surfers: Are you online yet?

26th August 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

We are seeing a rise in the number of ‘silver surfers’, who are taking full advantage of the internet and using multiple devices in every aspect of their lives. This could be to plan their retirement or browse, shop and bank online. Many…

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Why your retirement property search should be empowering

29th July 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

Planning for retirement is a minefield, not least when it comes to deciding what to do about your property situation. We know from the many anecdotal stories we hear in our villages that many people continue as they are for many, many years,…

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Top five quirky ‘Try Before You Buy’ schemes

24th June 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

In our June blog we continue the ‘Try Before You Buy’ theme following the launch of our own initiative last month in several of our communities, which are inviting people to stay overnight and immerse themselves in retirement village life. Try Before You…

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Try Before You Buy: Top ten tips to make the most of your stay

24th May 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

You wouldn’t buy a car before test-driving it or new clothes without trying them on for size, but it isn’t usually practical to actually live in a property before committing to a purchase. However, if you’re thinking about what do and where to…

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Why all retirement villages should be pet-friendly

21st April 2016 - By Sarah Burgess

Moving to a retirement village is a big decision, but for animal-lovers whether or not they can bring their pets with them is often the overriding factor, however attractive the move might be otherwise. Part of the family Nearly ten years ago Graham…

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