Well being boards need to involve private as well as public healthcare groups

Blog posted

4th October 2012

It is really pleasing to see that health and well being boards are gaining some real momentum behind the scenes and by this time next year they should be established in their own right.
The boards will bring together local consumer champions, the local authority and clinical commissioning groups who will jointly work for a common purpose – to drive improved services right across the healthcare spectrum http://healthandcare.dh.gov.uk/hwb-guide/
Bringing empowerment to a local level is to be welcomed because it will mean decisions can be made upon the basis of real individual community need.
But the boards will not be effective unless they embrace local organisations working within the specific healthcare groups they look to serve and represent. 
As a provider of care for the over 55s, Retirement Villages Ltd believes it is imperative that companies such as ours are invited to join the conversation and be considered as partners. 
There needs to be real synergy between public and private healthcare bodies if the boards are to work. 
Retirement villages are becoming more and more a part of local community life and are the voice for a growing number of the older population in certain parts of the UK.
We have valid information and resource to contribute and would want to be involved in any partnership where the well being of older residents is going to be considered.
If not, the boards will simply be a talking shop for the same health organisations that should already be talking to one another! 
This initiative provides a real step change in improving the way healthcare is delivered locally and we see it as an opportunity, on our part, to have some real input into for the benefit of the older population as a whole.
We look forward to playing our part – if and when we are invited!
Paul Walsh
MD, Care and Operations