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Social Care TV was launched at last month’s National Children’s and Adults’ Services Conference in Harrogate. Managed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (Scie) this is a first for the care sector.

There are an initial set of 25 films covering eight social care topics and each film tells a social care story, often from the point of view of people who use the service. According to Scie, the films highlight the challenges facing staff and how they can be addressed. They also show how passionate staff are about their work.

I welcome the use of new technology, it shows a forward-thinking profession, providing a resource through a medium which will be easy to access and as relevant to professionals, students, carers, service users and just about anyone who wants to learn more about social care.

The films cover eight social care topics including dementia. They form part of a web page and so I see them being used as part of training and learning where they can stimulate discussion about some of the big issues in the sector.

The world of social care is forever changing and developing and so with it must our training and learning methods. A broadband TV service that allows you not only to view and discuss ‘real’ situations while in the workplace but also email segments to colleagues and encourage ‘good practice sharing’ has to be applauded.

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