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21st January 2016

The start of a new year is usually a time to take stock and contemplate your plans for the future.  So here are a few things you may wish to consider that could have a really positive bearing on your retirement plans.

Estate planning

If you haven’t written a will – there is no time like the present.  It ensures that your personal wishes are honoured and avoids a host of issues that usually ensue without one.  It is also important for any dependents or other family members to know that they are following your own wishes. Inheritance tax planning also helps ensure you maximise the value of your estate.

Where you live

Review your current home.  Is it too big for you now?  Are you spending far too much time and money on maintenance rather than enjoying your free time in retirement?  Is it practical?  Would you rather downsize or perhaps move closer to your family?  Many people see their home as their castle – but there will come a time when a decision must be taken to re-think things – always best to make that decision when you can rather than when you have to….

If you want any ideas, why not contact us for a copy of RV Life – a magazine that outlines the various options in our lifestyle villages. See the home page of our website to find out how you can order one.

Take more exercise

A friend of mine recently visited the doctor to say that he had no energy and felt tired all the time.  The doctor checked him out and gave him a very simple prescription – exercise more.  We all know that any form of regular exercise is good for your health – it gets the blood pumping around your body and increases the oxygen giving you more energy.  That doesn’t mean taking up jogging or going to the gym – but it could mean a regular walk.  In each of our retirement villages, residents recognise the importance of exercise and many organise yoga, zumba and other gentle fitness sessions.

But don’t take our word for the benefits of exercise. Follow this link.

Take up a new hobby

I’ve lost count of the times I have threatened to take up watercolour painting or go on a photographic course – but taking up a new hobby can prove hugely beneficial for both body and mind, providing a fresh focus, new friends and a new sense of exploration and achievement. Lots of residents in our retirement villages have taken up model making, flower arranging, photography, painting and even amateur dramatics.  If there is something you have always talked about doing – this is your time! Find out more. 


Try new things; visit new places; meet new people; but above all – stay active. Get involved with charity volunteering or support local projects that you feel passionate about.  Staying positive, busy and active in retirement undoubtedly helps bring fulfilment and enjoyment. Some people are so focused on the day of their retirement from work that they forget to plan for life after work – and the vacuum that creates can be really challenging in later life. Find our more here.

Find time for you

Most of our lives revolve around others – whether that be a partner, family, work colleagues, friends, or neighbours. It is really important to take time out for yourself. It might be a day shopping; taking a solitary walk; reading a book in the local park; or simply treating yourself to a spa treatment or other treat. Find time for you….

Warm regards,

Sarah Burgess

Sales and Marketing Director, Retirement Villages Group

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