Silver surfers are becoming an advertisers’ dream

Blog posted

2nd August 2011

The over 50s are becoming an increasingly lucrative source of income for advertisers.

Best illustrated by Saga, the age group’s most popular magazine read, which recently underwent a design revamp with better quality print and paper. Regarded as a bold move when most titles are seeing declines in circulation, this is a clear indicator by Saga of total confidence that its grey market is buoyant, can be relied upon and is here to stay.

Saga has also invested further – this time launching a Saga App for mobile phones and Ipads in direct response to its readers’ transition to online devices. read article

We know from our own residents that age is no limit to the online world. Hundreds of our residents use the Internet to keep in touch with family and friends, do their shopping online, browse and book events, play games and generally socialise.

Retirement Villages’ silver surfers reflect the growing tide of Internet users who are making some of the social network sites an attractive proposition for advertisers.

Facebook in particular has a growing army of older members, so much so, there has been talk of their numbers growing at the expense of the younger market who may decline if they start to fear mum, dad and the grandparents suddenly popping up online!

This might be bad news for Facebook who don’t want to lose younger members but for advertisers it’s the perfect prospect to tune in with a generation which has much more disposable income than the under 25 world.

All of a sudden Facebook and the grey market provide a perfect combination – an advertising dream. Congratulations to every silver surfer – you’re very much in demand!

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Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director