Retirement villages – What’s in a name

Blog posted

10th August 2009

Sharing the same name as the product we sell and manage has its definite benefits – but there can also be some negative moments. Our company has been called Retirement Villages for over 25 years now and for a large proportion of that time, the name itself has had little significance or bearing on the wider world.

But that has now changed significantly with the adoption of the retirement villages model – now a serious lifestyle proposition for people reaching their mid 50s upwards. This week is a good example. Retirement villages have been making headlines for a number of reasons.

First of all there’s the retirement village with only one resident, not the greatest piece of PR in the world. And there’s also been the BBC’s fly-on-the-wall documentary Silverville which has stirred plenty of debate – both good and bad.

While neither are linked to us directly, our name association means that by default, people assume we are.

As head of sales and marketing I wouldn’t allow any article to be written about a village with only one resident because of a lack of sales for the past year (this wouldn’t happen at Retirement Villages anyway). Equally, I wouldn’t allow a TV crew to come into a village to film and subsequently edit to suit their storyline.

We are justly proud of our company name Retirement Villages Ltd and what it represents and although it can sometimes get muddied by its use in the wider context, we will continually strive to ensure our name is synonymous with high quality retirement living and high quality service levels.

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director