Political parties can’t afford to ignore older generation in next election

Blog posted

26th January 2010

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that there is a general election looming. Retirement Village residents and anyone aged 50 or over are likely to form the largest portion of voters this summer.

A recent poll for The Times Newspaper found that 63 per cent of over 55s said they were certain to vote in the election compared with 21 per cent of those aged 18-24, 37 per cent aged 25-34 and 44 per cent of 35 to 44-year-old. The Government of the day and those parties who see themselves as serious contenders in the election battle cannot afford to ignore this vast electorate.

Saga, a champion for the rights of the older generation, has just launched its own election manifesto. The manifesto revolves around six key issues, all aimed at making a fairer world for this growing sector of the population. The issues address finances, ageism, parliamentary representation, care, retirement and safety on the streets. Saga is challenging leaders of all three main parties to set out their store on how they plan to deal with these issues.

As an organisation whose business revolves around the welfare and well-being of the older generation, Retirement Villages applauds the actions of Saga and supports this manifesto wholeheartedly. No political party can afford to ignore the opinions of this age group, nor should they underestimate their ability and their value to society.

It would be easy to provide a patronising list here of the virtues of the older age group and what they bring to the party but I don’t need to and they wouldn’t want me to – they are more than capable of speaking for themselves and I’m certain they will do so on election day. I hope the party leaders are taking note!

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director