Should the default retirement age be 65?

24th August 2009 - By Sarah Burgess

In March 2009, European Judges confirmed that the UK Government will have to overcome a high hurdle in the UK courts to explain why it’s social or employment policy objectives justify the National Default Retirement Age (updated) and therefore allow forced retirement. This has…

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Retirement villages – What’s in a name

10th August 2009 - By Sarah Burgess

Sharing the same name as the product we sell and manage has its definite benefits – but there can also be some negative moments. Our company has been called Retirement Villages for over 25 years now and for a large proportion of that…

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Retirement property resilient to credit crunch

30th July 2009 - By Sarah Burgess

The ageing process is no respecter of economic cycles and consequently our retirement villages’ product has proved to be relatively resilient compared to open market housing in the credit crunch. For our customers, the decision to move is partly aspirational and partly needs…

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Sheltered housing model is flawed

10th July 2009 - By Sarah Burgess

Sheltered housing as a serious living alternative for older people is outdated and irrelevant. We need to be following the lead of America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and building retirement communities which give older people the lifestyle they deserve. The ‘Nobody’s…

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