Over 55s lead the digital push

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29th April 2013

Over 55s were the largest demographic sector of the UK population to increase their online usage last year, according to ComScore http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/62338-stats-time-to-reassess-and-redefine-silver-surfers
A large proportion of this increase, says the ComScore report, was a direct result of the Olympics and the vast amount of live streaming and ever changing medals boards which people chose to follow online.
In 2012 the over 55s actually became the largest dominant Internet usage group in the UK with more than nine million unique online visitors, a million more than the next biggest group, the 25-35 year olds. The over 55s are also making significant ground with mobile and smartphone usage.
Not surprisingly, online habits for this age group differ from their younger counterparts with more using it to search for travel, business/finance, motoring and telecommunications.
This reflects exactly the picture we see in retirement village life. Most of our villages have computer clubs or use the Internet to share information and village photography.
A large proportion of our residents own their own PCs or laptops, regularly Skype their children and grandchildren around the world. They set up village social networking channels, organise digital photography classes and film village events which they stream as shows for residents’ entertainment.
It’s amazing how the digital world has naturally formed a part of everyone’s lives.  This week Digital Unite has been promoting its Spring Online with Silver Surfers’ Day which Retirement Villages is pleased to promote.
This campaign has been running for 11 years and is the longest running and biggest digital literacy campaign for older people in the UK. Last year hundreds of people and organisations staged over 2,000 digital taster sessions and this year looks to be just as successful.
It’s great to see the older generation leading the way and illustrating clearly that the digital age has certainly not passed them by.
Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director