New website offers a helping hand for dementia sufferers and their families

Blog posted

12th November 2010

As a provider of specialist dementia care we are delighted to see the launch this week of a dedicated social network for people with this condition and their families. Called it provides an opportunity for people who are looking for support, information and advice to share their own experiences with others and generally feel part of a bigger support group.

It is in its early stages and although concentrated in the north of the UK it hopes to expand across the country in the coming months.

No-one can really appreciate the effects of dementia on an individual and the wider family unit. There have been some high profile media features of celebrities who have shared their personal experience of a relation suffering and how this has turned their world upside down. Extremely harrowing accounts but at the same time, invaluable in raising awareness of this growing condition.

Nothing can really prepare anyone for the day dementia is diagnosed. And that’s what makes websites such as so important. 

Although in its infancy, the site will hopefully become another source of support and in many ways a lifeline for people who want to connect with others in the same situation. It’s a social group to share thoughts, ideas and ask for advice – and the beauty is, it can be done from the comfort of an armchair at home.

Best of luck to the people developing this website – we applaud your work so far.

Paul Walsh

MD Care and Operations Division