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New Buy-Back Options Available At Our Latest Development - Gradwell Park

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 We recognise that moving home is rarely a stress-free or inexpensive thing to do. Therefore, we do what we can to support people moving into, and out of our villages.

We also appreciate that if you’ve not lived in a retirement community before you may have concerns about committing yourself to more than you would wish to. This may include concerns about how easy it would be to sell your home on in future.

At Retirement Villages Group we’ve been successfully developing and managing retirement communities for over 35 years. This success is largely due to the fact that we know how to listen and adapt to our residents’ needs. Knowing how complicated and stressful it can be to sell your home at any time, at Gradwell Park we’re introducing new measures that help to provide you, and your loved ones, with peace of mind about the prospect of selling your property on in future.

We have brand new options to provide support with selling-on and are thoroughly transparent about the benefits and any associated fees relating to each option. That way, you can rest assured that if you wish to sell your home at any point, you won’t feel stuck – even if the housing market is slow at the time.

There are three innovative options to choose from:

  1. ‘Put Option’ –Retirement Villages Group will commit to buying your property back at the original price you purchased it for, less the Assignment Fee (please see details below). This is an ideal option if you would prefer a stress-free, quick and efficient sale without having to worry about how the housing market is performing or managing estate agents and viewings etc.
  2. ‘Pre-emption Option’ –This option entitles you to give Retirement Villages Group the opportunity to buy the property back at the current market value, less the Assignment Fee (please see below for details). This option is ideal if you’re willing and able to be a bit more involved in the administration, and wish to take advantage of any raises in local market prices.
  3. ‘Open Market Option’ –This option suits those wishing to manage the sale independently. You take control of listing and offering your home out on the open market. The day to day administration of the sale is managed by you, however Retirement Villages Group does have an in-house dedicated estate agency service offering a specialised sales and marketing services that can be employed to help support you with the sale of your property. The fee for these services is included in your original Assignment Fee so, no additional cost is required. You are freely entitled to use another estate agent of your choice, however their own charges will apply and be accountable to you.

We appreciate that each individual prefers to have a different level of involvement in the sale of their home, therefore we offer a range of options that helps support you however much you wish to be involved.

Please feel free to contact any of our Sales Team at Gradwell Park to discuss these options in more detail.

What is the ‘Assignment Fee’?

Unlike a standard housing development, a retirement community development provides extensive communal spaces, facilities and a dedicated team of staff for which the residents collectively cover the cost.  This is what’s known as an ‘Assignment Fee’. Charging an Assignment Fee means more open space for our residents, more facilities and the maintenance of  the high standards we set.

The Assignment Fee is a one-off cost, payable only when you leave your home and it contributes towards the ongoing long-term enhancements and maintenance of Gradwell Park.

The Assignment Fee forms part of the original agreement at the time of purchasing your property and helps to ensure the value of your home is preserved.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in renting as an option, you can see our latest offers here, or speak with one of the Sales Team on 01273916499.

If you’re keen to view a property in the meantime please contact the village team to book a socially-distanced tour or subscribe to our village newsletter for updates on the development.

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