National Falls Awareness Week reminds us to keep fit in later life

Blog posted

14th June 2010

A fit body means a fit mind – it’s probably an overused saying but it’s still one we all adhere to, whatever our age. No-one can underestimate the benefits of keeping fit and as you do get older, these benefits multiply. Our last blog covered just that with the advent of ‘pensioner playgrounds’ in the UK.

But it’s not just anecdotal evidence, GPs who support all of our villages are the first to echo this statement. Whether it’s a daily walk around the garden, a weekly exercise class, or a monthly round of golf, it doesn’t really matter, providing you’re doing something.

National Falls Awareness Week is just around the corner (June 21-25) and serves as a timely reminder that keeping fit will pay dividends in later life.

Age UK highlights the importance of staying active on its website and has a comprehensive list of events happening during the national awareness week for people to get involved in.

I’m delighted to acknowledge that our own residents take fitness very seriously. Rambling, golfing, swimming, playing tennis, keeping fit, playing croquet player and even Tai Chi and Medau are just some of their regular activities and pursuits.

Perhaps the younger generation should take a leaf out of their book – you’re never too young or too old to start keeping fit!

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director