Moving’s too stressful!

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29th September 2017

A study by the Journal of Public Health, which looked at the relocation of retirees found that one-third of people moved house at the age of 65 years and over. Qualitative studies have reported that the maintenance of large properties or gardens, access to local services (such as food stores, GP surgery and libraries), quality of infrastructure and safety are considered to be important triggers for relocation in later life.

But what about the two-thirds of 65s and over who are staying put? Are they blissfully happy in their current property and not experiencing any of the issues listed above? Or is it more so the case that the stress of moving is simply putting them off?

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Selling your property, packing a life-times accumulation of belongings into boxes, sourcing a trustworthy removal company, the admin involved with changing address, sourcing new utility providers and the heartache of leaving somewhere full of memories can prove overwhelming and off-putting. 

What isn’t often realised is that property developers have taken notice of these common stresses and retirement developers in particular have advanced their available services in a bid to help reduce the stress of moving home in your 60s plus.

Here at Retirement Villages, these services include:

Part Exchange

Selling your property may prove stressful and can take time but a part exchange service removes any uncertainty by guaranteeing the sale of your existing home. After an evaluation from one of our trusted partners, an offer to purchase your home will be made within 48 hours.

Easy Move

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Finding a trustworthy and reputable removal company can be time consuming and daunting, especially when they are moving your valuable and often sentimental belongings.

Retirement Villages have partnered with a company who not only physically move your belongings from A to B but also help with the planning and settling in process. From checking furniture fits in your new home to compiling an inventory of all of your furnishings and  helping with the disposal of unwanted items  – they do it all!

Try Before You Buy

It’s only natural to question whether you are making the right choice in any house move and it’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure you are making an informed decision. So  if you are thinking of moving to a retirement village, we actively encourage you to visit your preferred village for a free, no-obligation overnight stay. 

This enables you to get a real sense of retirement village life and meet existing residents to hear how they have embraced this retirement lifestyle.
Plus it’s rare in any house move to get the opportunity to meet your potential neighbors before you purchase so this is also a big benefit!

On-going support and friendship

Each one of our retirement villages has a full-time Village Manager. Aside from being your first point of call for anything relating to your property, they are normally local to the area and are a great book of knowledge as to where to eat or shop locally. Likewise if you do choose to move to a retirement village, there will be a ready made social community for you and regular social activities available.

Time to up sticks?

There is no denying moving is stressful but hopefully property developers will continue to develop these sorts of services to make moving in later life easier as there are vast benefits to be had. 

By downsizing, you can release precious equity to truly maximize and enjoy your retirement. With a smaller property and/or garden, you can also expect to spend less time on maintenance and household chores, freeing up your time to spend as you please.

Frances Charters Village feature

Moving in later life can also prove to be the start of a new chapter, which was certainly the case for Frances El-Housami (70) who moved to Charters Village after her husband sadly passed away. After being widowed, Frances was looking to move somewhere with a strong sense of community and safety.

Likewise Elmbridge resident Liz Patterson decided to make the move wanting to be closer to friends and family. 

If you are thinking of upping sticks, don’t be put off by the stress associated with moving, it can be made easier with many different services now available to you. 

Happy house hunting!