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1st November 2015

Let’s face it, in todays ageing society where people are living longer, at some point families may have an important role in the support and caregiving of a loved one.

We recently interviewed Gillian Sissens, daughter of 87-year-old Mr and Mrs Warwick, who are two of our residents at Maynard House – our independent living apartments at Moat Park, Essex.

In the article, Gillian explained how she has peace of mind, knowing her parents live at Maynard House. As we know across all of our villages, Gillian isn’t alone.

Many people feel that a retirement village would provide the right level of support for them or a loved one and therefore, they choose to downsize and relocate to somewhere with supported living.


Independence is important- over 80% of 65-74 year olds own their property

Although no one likes to think too far ahead, adult children regularly tell us they knew a retirement village was the right move for mum and dad.

These are for reasons such as, it offered them reassurance that care and support is at hand, should they need it now, or in the future, and/or because their home simply became too large but it was still important for them to have the independence of home ownership.

According to the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO), 81% of 65-74 year olds in England own their own property. ARCO also refers to a report, which found that 33% of over 60s would like to downsize if suitable retirement homes were available.


When is the right time to move?

If you’re considering a retirement village for your parents, a loved one or perhaps for yourself and spouse, it’s often hard to know when’s definitely the right time and moving at any age can be daunting!

There are websites out there, which provide advice on supporting your ageing parents, however, you might also want to ask yourself these simple questions to help decide if it’s the right move:

·       How easy is it for me/them to maintain current home?

Perhaps the property has a large garden, which requires constant maintenance, or maybe it’s becoming more difficult to clean those extra rooms that are rarely used.

If so, it might be best to move to a retirement village where we do all the hard work and our residents get to enjoy the beautifully manicure grounds!

·       Is it difficult to connect with friends and family?

You/they might live far away from family, or perhaps friends and neighbours are busy with other work and other commitments.

It might be better to be surrounded by like-minded people and benefit from a range of activities and social events right on the doorstep.

·       How is my/their health?

It’s important to consider current and future health. If you/they have a health issue that will most likely worsen with time, it’s good to look at the options carefully.



Warm regards,

Sarah Burgess, Sales and Marketing Director, Retirement Villages

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