Internet services for sheltered housing residents

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29th January 2010

News that the Government is to help ‘switch on’ 20,000 people living in sheltered housing onto the Internet is very much welcomed. The £2.9m plan hopes to boost the numbers of silver surfers through a new ‘Get Digital’ training programme.

This is excellent news – as a great source of social networking, it will help encourage the older age group to link with others, dispelling risks of loneliness or isolation. It provides a relatively easy to access form of communication and an alternative way for people to stay in touch with families and friends who may not always be readily available on the doorstep.

Not only this, it demonstrates that this generation is being considered and taken seriously. Rather than being left behind and forgotten about in this ever advancing technological era, ‘Get Digital’ will benefit 195 schemes across the UK and mean many more people in this older age group, who haven’t been party to the Internet so far, get a chance to do so now.

Our villages are already actively ‘switched on’. Many residents have their own PCs and laptops and for those who don’t, but want to log on or use the Internet, we have a central IT suite for general use.

Our residents contribute articles to our own website and some of our villages actually have inter-village websites and email to keep in touch and keep each other updated on village activities and news. It is quite amazing how this technology has been embraced and adds another communication dimension.

The Government’s strategy Building Society for All Ages was announced last year and the ‘Get Digital’ programme is one of the first actions to come out of it. Let’s hope it’s followed by plenty of other equally sensible and well directed initiatives for this age group.

If you want to know more about ‘Get Digital’ programme, email:

Sarah Burgess
Sales and Marketing Director