Hats off to our older workforce!

Blog posted

3rd September 2012

Two out of three older employees want to keep working up to or past their pensionable age, says a study by independent think tank, the Resolution Foundation.
The think tank argues that there has never been a better time or a clearer signal to consider raising employment among the over 50s, creating a fitter workforce and offering a wealth of varying employment options.
Retirement Villages Ltd provides properties in retirement settings but this doesn’t mean all of our residents have literally ‘retired’. On the contrary, we have professional consultants, local authority employees, and an ever-growing army of people working within the voluntary sector.
These people invariably add another dimension to our villages and enhance the social fabric. 
Age need not be a barrier to employment, recent changes to the retirement age regulations have helped reinforce this. 
However, the study shows that the UK has a long way to go to match other countries where older employment is far more accepted. The UK is only 15th out of 34 member countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). To reduce this gap, we would need to find employment for 1.5million older people!
The Resolution Foundation will be publishing its solutions to this dilemma later in the year and we look forward to reading these. 
In the meantime, we are delighted that our rich mix of residents sees a number setting off for work each day; others choosing to working from home; while some put in hours and hours of voluntary time.
Our ethos is about maximising life – we take care of residents’ domestic chores, gardening and general care – this way, they are free to make the very most of their time and if this means working for a living then hats off to them!